Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Product Design

In-store headers I designed for product tie-ins. I replaced the original quarterbacks face with a photograph I took of my colleague, Ryan's, face. One day when this header was on display in a local Albertson's grocery store where we lived, Ryan and his 2 year old son walked into the store and both noticed the sign. His little son pointed up at the sign exclaimed "D'as Daddy!" I guess I should take that as a compositing job well done!
Halloween acrylic candy bowl illustrations.
T-shirt designs for an apparel company a neighbor friend of mine started.
Reuasble "green" shopping bag designs for the Dollar Tree Company. They were looking for a 1950's and 1960's retro look.

This was a for fun project I did inspired by the chip company my father recently began working for as their facilities manager. One of their brands of chip is called "Earthquake Chips" having received its name after an earthquake had hit near their factory in California and knocked all of the bags of different powder flavoring onto the floor of the flavor room, mixing them. When workers arrived hours later to inspect the damage, they found the "mess" in the flavor room. After they considered it a total waste of flavorings, they decided to experiment with the "mess" and shoveled it into the machine anyway. What came out became an instant hit and they began manufacturing it regularly. It is still one of thier best sellers.
I tried to tie in the California feel with an illustration I did of the San Fransisco earthquake of 1906 that distroyed the city. I put a huge crack up the middle of the street leading up to a derailed trolley car and a lonely citizen looking over the fire consuming the city. Okay, so it's not a happy design, but hopefully an eye catcher.

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