Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3D Maya stuff

The work depicted in the two images above was done in my college days while working for the Center for Instructional Design-a design firm that produced all of the semester online courses Brigham Young University offered. I worked there for 3 years mainly on the Virtual ChemLab as a graphic designer, modeler, and animator. ChemLab is an interactive science software that allowed students to conduct real life experiments(as well as imagined) in a safe environment and have these experiments react in real-life ways; beakers would bubble over or explode, chemicals would change colors when mixed, light spectrum read-outs were displayed on screen and many more things were possible. Prentice Hall Publishers now distributes the program with their college level science textbooks. I actually learned more about science while working on this project than I ever did in class! I hope that doesn't get back to my professors.

These are a few of the models I created while studying computer animation in college. All were done in Maya in NURBS. Yes, that's right, NURBS. Our professor didn't tell us about sub division surfaces and polygons until late in the semester stating that if we understood NURBS that we could easily transition to polys. We all thank him for the semester of headaches.

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