Monday, May 3, 2010


Trying to get back into my caricaturing. It has been too long. I feel a piece of me being restored. This is so natural for me do and endless entertainment for myself. These are some church notes from yesterday as well as sketches from a commissioned piece I am working on presently.
I spent last weekend at the UCLA Book Fair in LA manning our booth and doing caricatures of the attendees all weekend long - 450+ caricatures in 2 days. I enjoyed the laughs and smiles they got from the kids. I think I had more fun doing them than they had receiving them. What fun! More to come soon!

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Janelle! said...

That's awesome you are doing something you love so much! How funny that you enjoy it even more than the people who you make laugh or smile. Sounds like you have your niche, and that I need to get you to come to caricatures of my class soon! I think it will be a great reprieve during testing week. :)